How to Activate Text-to-Speech on Kindle Fire

How  to Activate Text-to-Speech on Kindle Fire?


Kindle, a handy device that gives you a pleasure of reading books, listening music, watching videos and clicking moments. It is widely used for reading books majorly. It has different features that allow you to surf through it at an ease. Now you can listen to your favorite books, articles and magazines through an amazing option that is ‘Text-to-Speech’ or a ‘Screen Reader’. This is the best feature for people with vision impairment as books and novels can be listened now. of Upon enabling this feature, the text written on the screen will be read aloud so that the reader can listen instead of reading.

Reading can cause strain to eyes as well so it keeps you free from that. Even people who have literacy issue can be well coped up with it. It allows you to do multitasking and indulge yourself in other activities as well while listening to books. There are people who speak language but cannot read and write well. So hearing the books is an easy task for them to enjoy book-reading habit without taking pain for the same. It even solidifies your learning and reading ability to hear and recognize the pronunciation of words for an improved learning. Amazon kindle support gives this feature for the user comfort. Here the process is to activate the text-to speech or screen reader on kindle fire.

Activation Process

Most of the kindle content is eligible for ‘Text-to-Speech’. If your book has an option of text-to-speech option then you will see it as enable on the product detail page while purchasing. It is a female voice reading in US English.

  • While reading the book click on the middle to the text or tab then you will see menu icon with three dots placed straight at the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click on ‘Additional Settings’ and then go to the switch placed next to Text-to-Speech. Turn that switch on
  • Then, In your kindle device Click on the screen to show the progress bar and then click on Play button with an image as inverted triangle. When you will click that button, it will read the text aloud to hear
  • You can even increase or decrease the reading speed of Text-to-Speech voice by clicking the Narration Speed icon.
  • Kindle can also be connected to the external speakers if someone is doing multitasking or can even connect to headphones if want it to be personalized
  • Reading book in any other language is also a feature. Without quitting the book, you can download a Text-to-Speech voice option for your language. Click the download button at the bottom to install the Text-to-Speech voice.

Screen Reader or Text-to-Speech describes the text on the screen that you want to hear or listen. If the problem still persists, you can reach out to www kindle com support.




How to Promote Your Books on Amazon Kindle Library

How to Promote Your Books on Amazon Kindle Library?

Undoubtedly, Amazon is the first place bookworms go for their literary fix, be it in digital or your traditional paperback or hardcover form. If you are an author or a writer of a book, then you must really try to put your book in front of your audience and stand it out from the rest. Promoting or marketing your book over the digital bookstore can be quite tedious and requires you to complete more tasks compared from marketing books traditionally. Some authors even ask for kindle support or kindle fire help just to have their books promoted to the top. Here are some points you need to remember for you to successfully promote your books on Amazon Kindle Library.

  1. Have your book professionally edited and has an outstanding cover

A well-edited book, partnered with a professionally designed cover will surely make your book stand out above the rest. That is why you should really spend in hiring the best editors and cover makers for your book. If you are under a budget, you might also try hiring a good freelancer for both tasks. You may also seek inspirations from books that go well with your book’s genre.

  1. Don’t neglect your book’s data

Metadata is basically just the most essential information about your book in layman’s terms. Amazon’s KDP interface will allow you to fill in all the metadata needed for your book without needing to call the kindle support phone number. You can optimize your book’s metadata by making sure that the description has at least a hundred words, and should also contain some terms that people looking for your book’s genre can easily look up. You can also try the good old “if…then” statement in your description, like “if you like the Divergent series, then this book is surely for you.”

  1. Have your book reviewed first

The key to having a bestselling book is a myriad of reviews, especially positive ones. A lot of book shoppers on Amazon disregard books that doesn’t have any review. Getting reviews for your book can be quite difficult. But you should not lose hope or even try to cheat, as your book can get blocked on the Amazon marketplace, regardless of the number of appeals you have made over the Amazon Kindle support.Earn some reviews for your book by doing a giveaway contest and make your book the prize for the winners. Then you can ask those winners if they can review your book. There is really no assurance that all of them will review them or give you a positive review, but at least you made the first steps in having reviews.

  1. Know how Amazon ranks books

Being the bestseller over Amazon heavily depends on your rankings. The higher your book’s rank in Amazon, the more readers can discover your book. The Amazon ranking system remains a mystery, and the kindle tech support won’t be much helpful with that. However, you can try selling a lot of copies over a short period of time, as it is connected to how books are getting ranked on Amazon.

Selling books the non-traditional way over the Amazon Kindle Library can be quite challenging. But by following these tips, you won’t surely need any kind of amazon kindle support or kindle fire support just to promote your book.

How To Connect Kindle Fire Tablets to Smart TV

Believe it or not – almost every household today owns at least a single LCD or a smart TV and either a smart phone or tablet. And with today’s technological advancement, we can just now watch our favorite movies and TV series on our smart phones and tablets. We are also fond of capturing the best moments of our lives using these portable gadgets. However, a lot of us also prefers to watch movies, videos and slideshows over a large display such as our home TV. That is why many are looking for ways on how they can connect their handy gadgets to their TVs and be entertained on the wide screen.

Maybe one of the most renowned tablets or ebook readers in the market today is the Kindle Fire. This Amazon-produced gadget, aside from being your handy and portable ebook reader, is also great for watching videos, movies and TV shows. Like those other leading tablets, we would also like to connect our Kindle Fire to our TV and thus we are struggling to contact the Amazon kindle support to help us with our concern. But the good thing is that you won’t need to call kindle tech support and you should just follow our procedure on how you can connect your Kindle Fire on your widescreen TV.

  1. Through your Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV is the best companion for your Kindle Fire when you want to hook it up on your TV. First, connect the Amazon Fire TV to your TV set using a HDMI cable. Then, make sure that both your Fire TV and Kindle Fire is connected on the same wireless network and is registered under the same Amazon account. Then on your Kindle Fire, go to “Settings” then “Display and Sounds” and your Fire TV will show up under “Display Mirroring.” That’s it!

  1. Using an HDMI Cable

But what if you don’t have an Amazon Fire TV? The good thing is that you can directly hook your Kindle Fire directly to your TV. After purchasing an HDMI cable for your Kindle Fire, then you can directly connect your Kindle Fire to your TV while making sure that your HDMI adapter is connected to its power supply.

  1. Via Miracast

However, you can’t be really free to roam around the room with your Kindle Fire connected via HDMI cable. Thus, you may need to connect your Kindle Fire through Miracast. A lot of smart TVs nowadays have built in Miracast technology. But if ever your TV doesn’t have one, then you can always opt in purchasing a Miracast video adapter. Make sure that your smart TV or your Miracast adapter and your Kindle Fire is connected on the same wireless network. Then on your Kindle Fire, go to “Settings” then “Display and Sounds” and then”Display Mirroring.”Wait until your TV or Miracast adapter shows up on the list and then tap connect. Then your Kindle Fire will be mirrored on your TV screen after a few seconds.

See? You don’t really need to contact Kindle Fire Support or ask for any Amazon Kindle help. You just need to have a few equipment and you are good to go. For a much better viewing experience, you may want to install movieor entertainment apps on your Kindle Fire and mirror them to your TV. Enjoy watching!

How to Create Playlist on Kindle Fire

Kindle is the most loving device for reading books, browsing videos, listening audios and holding back your precious moments. Kindle has a special feature to cater your mood swings as per your needs. It lets you create a playlist of songs you want as per your choice and surrounding. May be sometimes you want romantic songs with your loved one, party songs to booze with friends and family, or adventurous songs for a trip to be remembered. No moment is complete without a song. Hope you all agree. Now, you must be thinking on how to create a new playlist. So, here it is:

Go through the music library by clicking on music option on your home screen. As you choose the same, now come onto the music you want to listen, select that and play it. This is the way to listen to music or it should be like your favorite music on your kindle fire device. There is a music player control button at the bottom of the library, you can take a look at the songs you have queued to play. The music player control tab in the status bar can adjust volume. If you find it difficult to find then always look upon amazon kindle support for help.


How To Create Playlist on Kindle?

Here is the guide to create a new playlist of songs of your choice, which you can even get on kindle fire support.

Firstly, here is the guidance to add music in your music library.

You can purchase it from the music store. Click on store on the top right corner in music library and go to Amazon Music store. When you purchase music from there, you have two options that are to directly download on device or to store in cloud. It is advisable to store in cloud as it creates a backup for you because downloading directly onto device would not save it in cloud.

Another option is you can directly upload the music in your device from your computer or laptop or any means by connecting USB cable. It only supports MP3 and AAC files. Secondly, create a playlist now from the songs in the device.

Second step is to now segregate the songs as per mood as per mood so that you do not have to browse songs separately all time. It gives you an ease to just play your playlist, set back and enjoy.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is connected well if you are creating a playlist on cloud and if you are creating it from already saved music in device then it can be done offline as well
  • Click on ‘Music’ on your ‘Home Screen’
  • Go to ‘Playlist’ option
  • It will show two playlists, named as latest uploads and latest purchases
  • Then click on ‘Create New Playlist’ option
  • Add a playlist name and save it with a name of your choice
  • Click on (+) button in the extreme right of every song to add it in your playlist
  • Then, click on ‘Done’ and your playlist is saved

If you still face a problem to browse through it then go to for help.

How To Recover Your Kindle Fire Data After Deletion

How To Recover Your Kindle Fire Data After Deletion

Kindle is a device that you use for reading books digitally. Yes, I believe most of you use kindle these days and accidentally it happens that our data gets deleted. So, no worries. Yes, you heard absolutely right, no worries if your data gets deleted from kindle. If you have purchased anything to be there on your kindle account then it is yours. That is what is the most amazing feature of kindle. It is the most user-friendly device I hope you all must have come across, not only for reading books but indulges you with other exciting features like listening audios, watching videos and capturing your moments also. So, recovering files in kindle is not an impossible task at all. You might feel depressed after losing data but don’t because here you have a solution in hand now.

Ways To Recover Your Kindle Fire Data After Deletion

You can recover the Kindle Fire data in many ways. Here are some ways to help you out.

Amazon Kindle Help

Amazon kindle support is a great way to recover your data. You can download the data from Amazon backup server. Make sure your kindle wireless connection is working.

  • Click on the home button.
  • Go to the ‘Menu” and view ‘archived items’.
  • Highlight and download the data that you want to recover from Amazon backup server.

Data Recovery Tool

If Amazon kindle help did not work for you so do not be upset. Here is another way as well. You can download some data recovery tool. You can browse internet and download and install the software you desire to recover your lost data. It is an easy and a quick task to perform. Follow the following ways after downloading the tool:

  • Connect your kindle device to computer.
  • Now open and launch the kindle recovery tool and let the scan be performed.
  • Two scans will happen, the quick scan and the deep scan. Initially the quick scan will happen.
  • Click on the next tab and then from the screen appearing after that choose the type of files you want to recover like videos, books, audios and images.
  • If you are unable to find the files you want to recover then name the files and perform a deep scan.
  • Preview your files and then click on recover tab to save them in your device.

It is always advisable to save the files in external storage first and not on your kindle fire device as it might cause data overwrite error. Make sure you always take a backup of your device from time to time and keep your data safe. By using both the above ways you can recover your data.

So, Amazon kindle support and data recovery tool for kindle fire help are the two ways of recovering your lost data.

How to Increase Kindle Fire Battery Life

How to Increase Kindle Fire Battery Life

Have you ever been worried about your Kindle Fire battery draining fast? Does it distract you with your e-reading? Kindle Fire tablet is developed by and its popularity has skyrocketed on the e-reading world. Although is a trusted brand, the users have noticed the issues with the battery’s life.

Most likely some of the reasons why the battery life is quickly draining are the apps, music or e-books which are running in the background. On website you can find the Amazon Kindle Help which largely covers the device information, navigation and basics or some quick fixes and troubleshooting but offers almost nothing about how to prolong the battery life.This guide will help you prevent your Kindle Fire battery from quickly draining so you can enjoy more time with your e-reading. Otherwise you can also contact amazon kindle support.

Easy steps to do on how to increase Kindle Fire Battery Life

  1. Turn off your WI-Fi connection.

Do this especially when you don’t need the internet connection. Just slide your finger on the status bar to open the settings drawer. Tap on the word Wireless. Then tap the Offbutton to turn off the WI-Fi.

  1. Adjust theScreen Brightness

The screen of the Kindle Fire consumes the battery life more than the running applications. In order to prolong the battery life, we need to reduce the screen’s brightness. Again swipe down on the status bar to open the settings drawer. Tap the Brightness icon and sliced the control bar to the left to decrease it.

  1. Install an Ad Blocker

Find a good ad blocker for your Kindle Fire tablet. The ad blocker will block the annoying ads which consume battery life as well. This will also help you finish your reading earlier thus saving battery life for another e-reading later.

  1. Watch Out For Battery-Hungry Apps

Consider installing a Battery Monitor App. Its purpose is to monitor the batter usage of the apps installed on your Kindle Fire device. It will show you some of the top apps which consumes most of your battery power that you can think about uninstalling.

  1. Download Your Music and Videos

Prefer to download music or videos instead. Using online playlists or streaming sites requires Wi-Fi connection thus this will eventually drain your battery. It is better to download a list of your favorite songs which you can always play later.

  1. Turn off your kindle fire tablet when not in use

    . Sounds perfectly agreeable right? If you are not using it then might as well turn it off to save battery for more e-readings later. Look for the small button beside the USB Port and press it for about 2 seconds. Then when a prompt shows on the screen tap the Shut Down button. The kindle fire device will also shut down if the button is pressed longer.

Hopefully this guide has helped you on how to increase kindle fire battery life. If you are still encountering issues related to the kindle fire device or any other inquiries, you may contact the toll free kindle support phone number 1-855-409-7222.

How To Reset Your Kindle Fire Device

How To Reset Your Kindle Fire Device?

While you might not want it, sometimes you have to reset your Kindle Fire, in order to make sure that it is working better. Some of the most common reasons why you might need to reset your Kindle Fire is slow device or technical errors. You can also contact Amazon Kindle support. However, it is better to try the thing yourself first, and see the results. So, let’s see how you can reset your device.

Soft Reset

Soft reset works great when your Kindle device is getting frozen or not working as it should. However, before you try out soft reset, make sure that the charger cable is working, and you have taken a backup of your device.
Just before you start the process, connect to your charger. This will prevent power problems from happening. Once you have connected the charger, hold your power button for 20 seconds. You can hold it longer if your Kindle device doesn’t switch off. Now charge your device for at least half an hour, and turn on your device. Once switched on, go ahead and check if all is working fine. If you still encounter problems, you would need to do hard reset or restore factory settings of your device.

Factory Reset

If you encounter problem with your device continuously, then there might be a problem. You can contact Kindle Fire help, or you can try restoring the factory setting. Before you proceed with the factory setting, make sure you have taken backup of all the information. In case you miss, you can always download all the details from Amazon cloud, if you are signed up. Once you are prepared, follow the steps given below.

• Open your Kindle ‘Settings’ menu by swiping the screen from top to bottom.
• Click on ‘more’ and then select ‘Device’
• Scroll down and select ‘Factory Reset Data’
• You need to confirm that you want to delete all the data and information available in the Kindle
• The resetting will take some time, and your data will be deleted
• Once done your device will work as good as new
• Now go ahead and login into your Amazon account to download all the data and your personalized settings


As mentioned previously when your reset your Kindle, you would lose all your data. The best way is to keep a soft backup of all your data. You can also upload it in Amazon cloud, and then download it after installation. Don’t switch on the device during hard reset, as that might hamper the process and corrupt your tablet.

Final Words

At the end of the day, if you have any queries, you can always reach out to Amazon Kindle support and troubleshoot your device. You can also reach out to us for all your Kindle related problems.

Common Kindle Fire Problems & How To Solve Them

Four Common Kindle Fire Problems & How To Solve Them

Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the best Android tablets that you can get. However, that also means that it comes with its own set of problems. Ever since its inception, the Amazon devices have seen lots of upgrades. However, that also means that you would get top notch kindle support should you need it. Before you reach out for kindle tech support, you should see if you can troubleshoot them yourself. Here are some of the most common Kindle Fire problems, and how you can troubleshoot them easily.

#1: Problem With Connection to PC

Sometimes, you might experience problem connecting your Kindle Fire HD to PC. Connecting to your PC is essential if you are trying to transfer some large device from one device to another. The easiest method to solve that would be trying to reboot your computer and restarting your Kindle device. Another method can be to use a different data cable, in case your data cable is causing the issues. The last option would be to use a third party file sharing app or website like Google Drive or Dropbox. This way you’d be able to upload the files from your PC and download it on your Kindle Fire.

#2: Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

The process of connecting to Wi – Fi might seem simple, but it’s not always so. You can always seek out Kindle Fire help if you don’t know what to do. However, the safest way is to make sure you follow troubleshooting options, before you make the decision. While checking make sure that the airplane mode is deactivated, and your WI – FI is on. Once you have assured that, you should restart your Kindle Fire if it still creates problem. You can also download a Wi – Fi analyzer application to see where the problem is.

#3: Problem with Charging

Often it happens that your Kindle Fire is not charging. In this case, make sure that you have power in your house, and are using the original charging cord that came with Kindle Fire. If that doesn’t work, try the charger with another device to make sure it’s working. You can also try switching off your Kindle device and switching it on. Lastly, try pushing the charging port in slowly. Sometimes loose ports can cause problems. If that is the case, you need to contact www kindle com support for a replacement.

#4: Typing Issues

Some users might find that keyboard of Kindle Fire is not working properly. In this case, first you need to make sure that your screen is completely clean. Next, restart your Kindle device. Lastly, you can make a backup of your data and try factory reset. If nothing works, then contact Amazon Kindle support and they will guide you in the process.
Now that you have an idea of what might go wrong with your device, you are ready to troubleshoot your Kindle Fire device. Once you have troubleshooted at least one problem, you will be more confident with everything. Having a problem? Feel free to give us a call!