How to Promote Your Books on Amazon Kindle Library

How to Promote Your Books on Amazon Kindle Library?

Undoubtedly, Amazon is the first place bookworms go for their literary fix, be it in digital or your traditional paperback or hardcover form. If you are an author or a writer of a book, then you must really try to put your book in front of your audience and stand it out from the rest. Promoting or marketing your book over the digital bookstore can be quite tedious and requires you to complete more tasks compared from marketing books traditionally. Some authors even ask for kindle support or kindle fire help just to have their books promoted to the top. Here are some points you need to remember for you to successfully promote your books on Amazon Kindle Library.

  1. Have your book professionally edited and has an outstanding cover

A well-edited book, partnered with a professionally designed cover will surely make your book stand out above the rest. That is why you should really spend in hiring the best editors and cover makers for your book. If you are under a budget, you might also try hiring a good freelancer for both tasks. You may also seek inspirations from books that go well with your book’s genre.

  1. Don’t neglect your book’s data

Metadata is basically just the most essential information about your book in layman’s terms. Amazon’s KDP interface will allow you to fill in all the metadata needed for your book without needing to call the kindle support phone number. You can optimize your book’s metadata by making sure that the description has at least a hundred words, and should also contain some terms that people looking for your book’s genre can easily look up. You can also try the good old “if…then” statement in your description, like “if you like the Divergent series, then this book is surely for you.”

  1. Have your book reviewed first

The key to having a bestselling book is a myriad of reviews, especially positive ones. A lot of book shoppers on Amazon disregard books that doesn’t have any review. Getting reviews for your book can be quite difficult. But you should not lose hope or even try to cheat, as your book can get blocked on the Amazon marketplace, regardless of the number of appeals you have made over the Amazon Kindle support.Earn some reviews for your book by doing a giveaway contest and make your book the prize for the winners. Then you can ask those winners if they can review your book. There is really no assurance that all of them will review them or give you a positive review, but at least you made the first steps in having reviews.

  1. Know how Amazon ranks books

Being the bestseller over Amazon heavily depends on your rankings. The higher your book’s rank in Amazon, the more readers can discover your book. The Amazon ranking system remains a mystery, and the kindle tech support won’t be much helpful with that. However, you can try selling a lot of copies over a short period of time, as it is connected to how books are getting ranked on Amazon.

Selling books the non-traditional way over the Amazon Kindle Library can be quite challenging. But by following these tips, you won’t surely need any kind of amazon kindle support or kindle fire support just to promote your book.