How to Create Playlist on Kindle Fire

Kindle is the most loving device for reading books, browsing videos, listening audios and holding back your precious moments. Kindle has a special feature to cater your mood swings as per your needs. It lets you create a playlist of songs you want as per your choice and surrounding. May be sometimes you want romantic songs with your loved one, party songs to booze with friends and family, or adventurous songs for a trip to be remembered. No moment is complete without a song. Hope you all agree. Now, you must be thinking on how to create a new playlist. So, here it is:

Go through the music library by clicking on music option on your home screen. As you choose the same, now come onto the music you want to listen, select that and play it. This is the way to listen to music or it should be like your favorite music on your kindle fire device. There is a music player control button at the bottom of the library, you can take a look at the songs you have queued to play. The music player control tab in the status bar can adjust volume. If you find it difficult to find then always look upon amazon kindle support for help.


How To Create Playlist on Kindle?

Here is the guide to create a new playlist of songs of your choice, which you can even get on kindle fire support.

Firstly, here is the guidance to add music in your music library.

You can purchase it from the music store. Click on store on the top right corner in music library and go to Amazon Music store. When you purchase music from there, you have two options that are to directly download on device or to store in cloud. It is advisable to store in cloud as it creates a backup for you because downloading directly onto device would not save it in cloud.

Another option is you can directly upload the music in your device from your computer or laptop or any means by connecting USB cable. It only supports MP3 and AAC files. Secondly, create a playlist now from the songs in the device.

Second step is to now segregate the songs as per mood as per mood so that you do not have to browse songs separately all time. It gives you an ease to just play your playlist, set back and enjoy.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is connected well if you are creating a playlist on cloud and if you are creating it from already saved music in device then it can be done offline as well
  • Click on ‘Music’ on your ‘Home Screen’
  • Go to ‘Playlist’ option
  • It will show two playlists, named as latest uploads and latest purchases
  • Then click on ‘Create New Playlist’ option
  • Add a playlist name and save it with a name of your choice
  • Click on (+) button in the extreme right of every song to add it in your playlist
  • Then, click on ‘Done’ and your playlist is saved

If you still face a problem to browse through it then go to for help.