How To Connect Kindle Fire Tablets to Smart TV

Believe it or not – almost every household today owns at least a single LCD or a smart TV and either a smart phone or tablet. And with today’s technological advancement, we can just now watch our favorite movies and TV series on our smart phones and tablets. We are also fond of capturing the best moments of our lives using these portable gadgets. However, a lot of us also prefers to watch movies, videos and slideshows over a large display such as our home TV. That is why many are looking for ways on how they can connect their handy gadgets to their TVs and be entertained on the wide screen.

Maybe one of the most renowned tablets or ebook readers in the market today is the Kindle Fire. This Amazon-produced gadget, aside from being your handy and portable ebook reader, is also great for watching videos, movies and TV shows. Like those other leading tablets, we would also like to connect our Kindle Fire to our TV and thus we are struggling to contact the Amazon kindle support to help us with our concern. But the good thing is that you won’t need to call kindle tech support and you should just follow our procedure on how you can connect your Kindle Fire on your widescreen TV.

  1. Through your Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV is the best companion for your Kindle Fire when you want to hook it up on your TV. First, connect the Amazon Fire TV to your TV set using a HDMI cable. Then, make sure that both your Fire TV and Kindle Fire is connected on the same wireless network and is registered under the same Amazon account. Then on your Kindle Fire, go to “Settings” then “Display and Sounds” and your Fire TV will show up under “Display Mirroring.” That’s it!

  1. Using an HDMI Cable

But what if you don’t have an Amazon Fire TV? The good thing is that you can directly hook your Kindle Fire directly to your TV. After purchasing an HDMI cable for your Kindle Fire, then you can directly connect your Kindle Fire to your TV while making sure that your HDMI adapter is connected to its power supply.

  1. Via Miracast

However, you can’t be really free to roam around the room with your Kindle Fire connected via HDMI cable. Thus, you may need to connect your Kindle Fire through Miracast. A lot of smart TVs nowadays have built in Miracast technology. But if ever your TV doesn’t have one, then you can always opt in purchasing a Miracast video adapter. Make sure that your smart TV or your Miracast adapter and your Kindle Fire is connected on the same wireless network. Then on your Kindle Fire, go to “Settings” then “Display and Sounds” and then”Display Mirroring.”Wait until your TV or Miracast adapter shows up on the list and then tap connect. Then your Kindle Fire will be mirrored on your TV screen after a few seconds.

See? You don’t really need to contact Kindle Fire Support or ask for any Amazon Kindle help. You just need to have a few equipment and you are good to go. For a much better viewing experience, you may want to install movieor entertainment apps on your Kindle Fire and mirror them to your TV. Enjoy watching!