How to Activate Text-to-Speech on Kindle Fire

How  to Activate Text-to-Speech on Kindle Fire?


Kindle, a handy device that gives you a pleasure of reading books, listening music, watching videos and clicking moments. It is widely used for reading books majorly. It has different features that allow you to surf through it at an ease. Now you can listen to your favorite books, articles and magazines through an amazing option that is ‘Text-to-Speech’ or a ‘Screen Reader’. This is the best feature for people with vision impairment as books and novels can be listened now. of Upon enabling this feature, the text written on the screen will be read aloud so that the reader can listen instead of reading.

Reading can cause strain to eyes as well so it keeps you free from that. Even people who have literacy issue can be well coped up with it. It allows you to do multitasking and indulge yourself in other activities as well while listening to books. There are people who speak language but cannot read and write well. So hearing the books is an easy task for them to enjoy book-reading habit without taking pain for the same. It even solidifies your learning and reading ability to hear and recognize the pronunciation of words for an improved learning. Amazon kindle support gives this feature for the user comfort. Here the process is to activate the text-to speech or screen reader on kindle fire.

Activation Process

Most of the kindle content is eligible for ‘Text-to-Speech’. If your book has an option of text-to-speech option then you will see it as enable on the product detail page while purchasing. It is a female voice reading in US English.

  • While reading the book click on the middle to the text or tab then you will see menu icon with three dots placed straight at the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click on ‘Additional Settings’ and then go to the switch placed next to Text-to-Speech. Turn that switch on
  • Then, In your kindle device Click on the screen to show the progress bar and then click on Play button with an image as inverted triangle. When you will click that button, it will read the text aloud to hear
  • You can even increase or decrease the reading speed of Text-to-Speech voice by clicking the Narration Speed icon.
  • Kindle can also be connected to the external speakers if someone is doing multitasking or can even connect to headphones if want it to be personalized
  • Reading book in any other language is also a feature. Without quitting the book, you can download a Text-to-Speech voice option for your language. Click the download button at the bottom to install the Text-to-Speech voice.

Screen Reader or Text-to-Speech describes the text on the screen that you want to hear or listen. If the problem still persists, you can reach out to www kindle com support.