Common Kindle Fire Problems & How To Solve Them

Four Common Kindle Fire Problems & How To Solve Them

Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the best Android tablets that you can get. However, that also means that it comes with its own set of problems. Ever since its inception, the Amazon devices have seen lots of upgrades. However, that also means that you would get top notch kindle support should you need it. Before you reach out for kindle tech support, you should see if you can troubleshoot them yourself. Here are some of the most common Kindle Fire problems, and how you can troubleshoot them easily.

#1: Problem With Connection to PC

Sometimes, you might experience problem connecting your Kindle Fire HD to PC. Connecting to your PC is essential if you are trying to transfer some large device from one device to another. The easiest method to solve that would be trying to reboot your computer and restarting your Kindle device. Another method can be to use a different data cable, in case your data cable is causing the issues. The last option would be to use a third party file sharing app or website like Google Drive or Dropbox. This way you’d be able to upload the files from your PC and download it on your Kindle Fire.

#2: Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

The process of connecting to Wi – Fi might seem simple, but it’s not always so. You can always seek out Kindle Fire help if you don’t know what to do. However, the safest way is to make sure you follow troubleshooting options, before you make the decision. While checking make sure that the airplane mode is deactivated, and your WI – FI is on. Once you have assured that, you should restart your Kindle Fire if it still creates problem. You can also download a Wi – Fi analyzer application to see where the problem is.

#3: Problem with Charging

Often it happens that your Kindle Fire is not charging. In this case, make sure that you have power in your house, and are using the original charging cord that came with Kindle Fire. If that doesn’t work, try the charger with another device to make sure it’s working. You can also try switching off your Kindle device and switching it on. Lastly, try pushing the charging port in slowly. Sometimes loose ports can cause problems. If that is the case, you need to contact www kindle com support for a replacement.

#4: Typing Issues

Some users might find that keyboard of Kindle Fire is not working properly. In this case, first you need to make sure that your screen is completely clean. Next, restart your Kindle device. Lastly, you can make a backup of your data and try factory reset. If nothing works, then contact Amazon Kindle support and they will guide you in the process.
Now that you have an idea of what might go wrong with your device, you are ready to troubleshoot your Kindle Fire device. Once you have troubleshooted at least one problem, you will be more confident with everything. Having a problem? Feel free to give us a call!