How to Increase Kindle Fire Battery Life

How to Increase Kindle Fire Battery Life

Have you ever been worried about your Kindle Fire battery draining fast? Does it distract you with your e-reading? Kindle Fire tablet is developed by and its popularity has skyrocketed on the e-reading world. Although is a trusted brand, the users have noticed the issues with the battery’s life.

Most likely some of the reasons why the battery life is quickly draining are the apps, music or e-books which are running in the background. On website you can find the Amazon Kindle Help which largely covers the device information, navigation and basics or some quick fixes and troubleshooting but offers almost nothing about how to prolong the battery life.This guide will help you prevent your Kindle Fire battery from quickly draining so you can enjoy more time with your e-reading. Otherwise you can also contact amazon kindle support.

Easy steps to do on how to increase Kindle Fire Battery Life

  1. Turn off your WI-Fi connection.

Do this especially when you don’t need the internet connection. Just slide your finger on the status bar to open the settings drawer. Tap on the word Wireless. Then tap the Offbutton to turn off the WI-Fi.

  1. Adjust theScreen Brightness

The screen of the Kindle Fire consumes the battery life more than the running applications. In order to prolong the battery life, we need to reduce the screen’s brightness. Again swipe down on the status bar to open the settings drawer. Tap the Brightness icon and sliced the control bar to the left to decrease it.

  1. Install an Ad Blocker

Find a good ad blocker for your Kindle Fire tablet. The ad blocker will block the annoying ads which consume battery life as well. This will also help you finish your reading earlier thus saving battery life for another e-reading later.

  1. Watch Out For Battery-Hungry Apps

Consider installing a Battery Monitor App. Its purpose is to monitor the batter usage of the apps installed on your Kindle Fire device. It will show you some of the top apps which consumes most of your battery power that you can think about uninstalling.

  1. Download Your Music and Videos

Prefer to download music or videos instead. Using online playlists or streaming sites requires Wi-Fi connection thus this will eventually drain your battery. It is better to download a list of your favorite songs which you can always play later.

  1. Turn off your kindle fire tablet when not in use

    . Sounds perfectly agreeable right? If you are not using it then might as well turn it off to save battery for more e-readings later. Look for the small button beside the USB Port and press it for about 2 seconds. Then when a prompt shows on the screen tap the Shut Down button. The kindle fire device will also shut down if the button is pressed longer.

Hopefully this guide has helped you on how to increase kindle fire battery life. If you are still encountering issues related to the kindle fire device or any other inquiries, you may contact the toll free kindle support phone number 1-855-409-7222.