How To Recover Your Kindle Fire Data After Deletion

How To Recover Your Kindle Fire Data After Deletion

Kindle is a device that you use for reading books digitally. Yes, I believe most of you use kindle these days and accidentally it happens that our data gets deleted. So, no worries. Yes, you heard absolutely right, no worries if your data gets deleted from kindle. If you have purchased anything to be there on your kindle account then it is yours. That is what is the most amazing feature of kindle. It is the most user-friendly device I hope you all must have come across, not only for reading books but indulges you with other exciting features like listening audios, watching videos and capturing your moments also. So, recovering files in kindle is not an impossible task at all. You might feel depressed after losing data but don’t because here you have a solution in hand now.

Ways To Recover Your Kindle Fire Data After Deletion

You can recover the Kindle Fire data in many ways. Here are some ways to help you out.

Amazon Kindle Help

Amazon kindle support is a great way to recover your data. You can download the data from Amazon backup server. Make sure your kindle wireless connection is working.

  • Click on the home button.
  • Go to the ‘Menu” and view ‘archived items’.
  • Highlight and download the data that you want to recover from Amazon backup server.

Data Recovery Tool

If Amazon kindle help did not work for you so do not be upset. Here is another way as well. You can download some data recovery tool. You can browse internet and download and install the software you desire to recover your lost data. It is an easy and a quick task to perform. Follow the following ways after downloading the tool:

  • Connect your kindle device to computer.
  • Now open and launch the kindle recovery tool and let the scan be performed.
  • Two scans will happen, the quick scan and the deep scan. Initially the quick scan will happen.
  • Click on the next tab and then from the screen appearing after that choose the type of files you want to recover like videos, books, audios and images.
  • If you are unable to find the files you want to recover then name the files and perform a deep scan.
  • Preview your files and then click on recover tab to save them in your device.

It is always advisable to save the files in external storage first and not on your kindle fire device as it might cause data overwrite error. Make sure you always take a backup of your device from time to time and keep your data safe. By using both the above ways you can recover your data.

So, Amazon kindle support and data recovery tool for kindle fire help are the two ways of recovering your lost data.